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Handout#5 – Folk theories Sripada Phil 156 We seem to have widespread agreement on judgments about certain cases: Magistrate and the mob Permissibility of lying to save to a persecuted person It is permissible to save the five in Bystander, but not Transplant, Backpack and Trap Door. We seem to have widespread agreement on certain moral principles. Doctrine of double effect - It is permissible to cause such a harm as a side effect (or “double effect”) of bringing about a good result even though it would not be permissible to cause such a harm as a means to bringing about the same good end. The New Catholic Encyclopedia provides four conditions for the application of the principle of double effect: 1. The act itself must be morally good or at least indifferent. 2. The agent may not positively will the bad effect but may permit it. If he could attain the good effect without the bad effect he should do so. The bad effect is sometimes said to be indirectly voluntary. 3. The good effect must flow from the action at least as immediately (in the order of causality, though not
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