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Malley Chapter 1 The human species is the smartest right now The chimp can sometimes outsmart us—but nothing compared to how easily we can outsmart the chimp Why do we think and act as we do? What does it mean to be human being? Human survival strategy compared to other species: o Oak tree o Rabbit o Different—but successful for diff reasons How do humans survive? o Our MINDS Heredity: the ability to pass messages on to the next generation o Necessary part of Darwinian adaptation
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Unformatted text preview: o The messages that survive are the ones that are better adapted to their environment • Unique Humans: o Multicellular organisms o Sexually reproduce o Socialize by means of language New depth of social interaction Complex systems • Increased Brain size o Human brain is HUGE o Encephalization—gives the size of a brain in comparison to the expected brain size based on body size human brain nearly 3 TIMES the expected size o...
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