10 ppt notes - Early Hominins/Modern Humans Humans in...

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Humans in comparison to Non-human primates: Questions of movement, mirror, and language Why do we study human evolution? o People argue over what community they came from Defining Hominin Member of human lineage after its split from ancestral chimps Includes all human species that have ever existed, including the extinct ones The fossil record: Radiometric dating o Carbon-14, measures radioactive decay of carbon Half-life of 5370 years useful for specimens 40,000 year or younger Only works with organic materials o Potassium Argon (K/A) technique Half-life of 1.3 billion years, best if specimen is older than 500,000 years Inorganic substances only Utilizing both relative and absolute dating o Get more data—combining the two Problems of “bias”—stuff that you’re looking at that complicates the info o Geologic processes Things that affect the things you’re looking at—volcanoes, etc. o Political processes Global access to land—where you can and can’t dig If what we have access to is determined by government, there is always limiting things o Other complicating factors? Things that were found by different people in different eras that were cataloged differently and no one knows how to piece it together First Hominins appeared: approx 5.8 million years ago Hominin characteristics: Bipedalism—we walk upright on 2 legs o There are questions of why we adapted this way: Adapting to late Miocene environment? Shift in the rift valley separating chimps and hominins?
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10 ppt notes - Early Hominins/Modern Humans Humans in...

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