10 ppt - Physical Anthropology Methods Survey and...

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Physical Anthropology Methods Survey and excavation Paleoanthropology o Fossil record Dating Techniques o Taphonomy Used for very recent organisms that are discovered Refers to all of the environmental and biological processes that affect material remains after they died o Absolute vs. relative dating o Stratigraphy Bone Biology o Osteology o Paleopathology Studies disease patterns in bones Anthropometry o Techniques within osteology of measuring bodies Molecular Anthropology o DNA sequencing, genetics, reproduction, meiosis/mitosis Primatology Forensic Applications Post-war accountability/Human rights Crime o The body farm and Mary Manheim, “the bone lady” Methodological Conflicts Ethnography and war Material remains o Can be an international battle—countries wanting their bones back across the border o Rights of communities to have appropriate commemorations against scientific understanding o Tension-filled issue The use of voice o Who gets to speak on behalf of them o Challenge
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10 ppt - Physical Anthropology Methods Survey and...

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