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10 ppt - Serbian orthodox Other… The film We Are All...

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7/15/10 Ethnicity and Violence Difference between ancestry and race: You can’t trace people back to racial groups as you can with ancestry You can trace back and Determine someone’s ancestry—you cannot do that with race Background: Jozip Broz Tito, president of socialist federal republic of Yugoslavia—1943-1980 Bosnia o Organized referendum for independence in 1991 o Multiethnic state (most all with shared Slavic descent) Bosnian Muslim
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Unformatted text preview: Serbian orthodox Other… The film: We Are All Neighbors…but then what happened? • What do you think caused the breakdown in this Croat-dominated Bosnian village? • How did the war bring change notions of religious and ethnic identities? • Why do you think Croats turned on their Bosnian neighbors? • Could you imagine the pre-war relationships between Bosnians and Croats in the village ever returning?...
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  • Summer '08
  • Kirsch
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Montenegro, Jozip Broz Ti, Croatdominated Bosnian village

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