Anthro notes 2, 3 - Chapter 2: Culture Encultration:...

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Chapter 2: Culture Encultration : process by which a child learns his or her culture Learned : Other animals learn from experience or from other members of the pack Humans learn culture through symbols o Cultural learning o People create, remember, and deal with ideas o Gradually internalize a previously established notion o Grow to incorporate cultural tradition to help guide us Also transmitted through observation o Children notice what goes on around them and begin to learn their culture o Observation, experience- conscious and unconscious Symbolic: Symbol is something verbal or non verbal within a language or culture that comes to stand for something else They bestow meaning on a thing or event The connection between symbol and what it symbolizes can be random Symbols are often linguistic There are also nonverbal symbols o Flags are non verbal that represent different countries International Cultural system o Roman Catholicism Holy water is a symbol No animal has symbols to the complexity that humans (homo sapiens) do Humans share the ability to learn, think symbolically, manipulate language, use tools to organize their lives Shared: Culture is transmitted in our society Shared beliefs, values memories, and expectations link people in the same culture o Unifies us with common experiences U.S. o Promotes individualism—be your own special person, uniqueness, etc. Individualism itself is a distinctive shared value People become agents in the encultration of their children- just as their parents were for them o Ex: Year after year we are told to finish our vegetables and to think of people starving in other countries Culture and Nature Millions of different cultural habits
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o Culture tells us when/how/what to eat o Hygienic habits o Affects how we perceive the meaning of life/nature Culture is All-Encompassing Culture includes more than just “high” sophisticated culture o All people are cultured o Most interesting is parts that affect people’s every day lives “popular culture” is just as important a rock star/tv/sports/ just as important as the symphony Culture is Integrated: Cultures are integrated pattern systems o When one part changes the other changes o Integrated by dominant economic activities as well as related social patterns o Also by sets of value symbols ideas and judgements
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Anthro notes 2, 3 - Chapter 2: Culture Encultration:...

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