Colonial Aftermaths - August 9, 2010 Colonial Aftermaths...

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August 9, 2010 Colonial Aftermaths Different colonial powers had lots of different kinds of intervention philosophies French—good work improvements in the world Dutch— British All had different kinds of philosophies In terms of the reasons It was brought cricket isa great example of an intervention philosophy How cricket and interpreting cricket relates to the theories of the world system o Out of colonialism grew an interconnected system that was also kind of structurally unequal Had areas called centers—core areas Some countries were on the periphery—source of raw materials— lowest Semi-periphery—refers to countries that are maybe industrialized but don’t have the same kind of finance or technology that the core countries have o In the movie we are seeing a periphery area responding to the core area(the British) Why cricket is brought Relationship of periphery to core Ongoing critical commentary on the core and core relationships Cricket Video An ingenious response to colonialism Blending of two cultural forms to make a third in relgigion—culturation Taking the british cricket game and undoing it Basic politics: o Cricket in this place gets picked up and becomes part of political prestige o They made the film to recirculate political prestige from the hosts of one of the teams o Exchange is very important It’s a creative but very political adaptation Then the question of magic? o The film suggests—certain aspects of the cricket that lend themselves to magic and war magic
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o Each team has its own umpire Each umpire performs magic against the opposing team—fairness is that each team gets to bring their own We can probably break magic into 3 basic things War magic Imitative magic—you perform an action on a symbol that imitates on the person—voodoo doll
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Colonial Aftermaths - August 9, 2010 Colonial Aftermaths...

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