exam 2 - Anth 101 In-Class Exam Two Comprehensive Study...

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Anth 101 In-Class Exam Two Comprehensive Study Guide, Summer 2010 Origins of Food Production/ Agricultural Predicaments - What does the Broad Spectrum Revolution refer to? - What role did the Natufian culture play in the development of early agriculture? -What is a "vertical economy" and how may it have contributed to the emergence of agriculture (see page 170 of WOH for a good sense of this)? - How many different areas was agriculture independently invented (don't need to know detailed specifics, but a general familiarity is important)? - What are some basic changes take place in domesticated plants and animals? - Example of crops that were cultivated in the New World? - How did New and Old World cultivation differ? - Why is it possible that the "north south" versus "east west" axis matters? - In general terms, what have the consequences of food production been according to anthropologists? Key Terms: Broad Spectrum Revolution Natufian Culture Neolothic Teosinte Sedentism Vertical Economy From Pollan Reading, main two things to be familiar with: 1) What factors led to the predominance of corn in North America? 2) How was industrial fertilizer first developed, and what consequences is it having on industrial agriculture in North America, according to Pollan? Film: Future of Food (Basic viewing comprehension should suffice) Making a Living - What is an "adaptive strategy"? - What are the basic defining features of Foraging/ horticulture/ agriculture/ Pastoralism
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exam 2 - Anth 101 In-Class Exam Two Comprehensive Study...

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