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Families and Kinship PPT Notes - Families and Kinship PPT...

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Families and Kinship PPT Notes August 2, 2010 Making a living to Making a Family Kinship, and the organization of “personhood” o Kinship is NOT defined BY biology—although it always is somehow related o The basic meaningful things of kinship are: Defies obligations Sense of belonging (and exclusion) Structures relationships Defines who you can and cannot marry Structuring Force of Marriage: o Positive Marriage rules: who you can marry o Negative Rules: who you cannot marry o If you did it wrong—youd be banned/shunned from your society o Also the Romeo and juliet aspect—social screw up, etc o Key Terms: Exogamy/Endogamy SEE NOTES FOR DEFINITIONS Forms of Plural Marriage o Polygyny : husbands have more than one wife o Plyandry : Wives have more than one husband o Very rare o Sometimes temporary—due to a time of scarcity or war o Serial Monogamy: o you’re allowed to have as many spouses as you want in your time whether you’re a man or a woman—but the rule is you can only have one at a time. So you cannot have more than one spouse at the same time Marriage As Exchange: Material and Symbolic
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o Bridewealth o Refers to exchange that benefits the wide’s family o If you were a man getting married—your family would give a gift the bride’s family to show support o Suggests a mindset in which marriage means losing a member of your family—your daughter—so you get paid for it o Brideservice o Instead of a gift of wealth—its an obligation of work that the man’s family would do for the bride’s family o Also benefits the bride’s family o Dowry o This benefits the husband’s family
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Families and Kinship PPT Notes - Families and Kinship PPT...

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