Five Sexes Reading Questions

Five Sexes Reading Questions - The Five Sexes by Anne...

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The Five Sexes by Anne Fausto-Sterling Reading Questions: 1. Fausto-Sterling writes that “Western culture is deeply committed to the idea that there are only two sexes” (20). Does she suggest an answer as to why this would be? How does she suggest the idea controlled or maintained? We live in a society where it is only acceptable to be one or the other We don’t want anything different Have male/female bathrooms, etc. We cant even fully accept the idea of homosexuality—we definitely cannot accept intersexuality We have a cultural need to maintain clear distinctions between sexes We mandate control of intersexual bodies because they blur the big divide They challenge traditional beliefs about sexual differences 2. How have intersexed bodies been differently treated and imagined historically? Jewish books of law—had extensive lists of regulations for mixed sex people Now they are compelled to choose an establish gender role and stick with it Newborns must be either male or female—chosen by government
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Five Sexes Reading Questions - The Five Sexes by Anne...

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