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Gender PPT Notes August 3, 2010 Gender and Culture Why is gender a crucial topic? o Often linked to marriage, inheritance, descent, residence o Affects economic life o Complex relationships to stratification o Linked to construction of public/private space Ways to Approach sex/gender o Gender defined as set of relationships based on notions of sex 1970s-ish Focus on equality—socioeconomic—equality in family o Gender defined as the “cultural construction” of sexual difference The ways that sexual difference gets turned into all kinds of other things What men are “really like”/ what women are “really like” What it really means to “be a man/woman” Things that are considered to be manly—the content of what it means in the place and time These change through generation to generation Also different between cultures o Gender defined as the “performance” of sexual difference Instead of the Content of what it means to be a man/woman—this focuses on the actions of the genders How the genders get performed o Male and Female= biological terms Masculine and Feminine= cultural terms that correlate with that and have specific stereotypes in society The idea of Roles/Stereotypes Stereotypes: Over-simplified but strongly held ideas about characteristics of gender o Kind of a vision in one’s mind that you look for or would be aspiring to but might not really live up to o Ideal types toward which one would move o OR would be ideas that diminish other people by simplifying/generalizing a characteristic to whole groups of people Roles: Gender-based tasks and activities assigned by culture
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o That’s “women’s” work that’s “men’s” work… o How does culture “assign”? Culture seems to have the power to make rules and tell people what to do Culture can assign roles through different types of popular culture Its scary how quickly children can pick up popular culture— even when the parents are not perpetuating it at all Popular culture has some force on our lives—engrained in our mind and has an affect on us o Even if you consciously reject it—you are still unable to escape it Example of how popular culture makes us do things: Rosie the Riveter: Gender, meaning, and WWII o She is a figure of women going into the war o She is basically a marketing campaign by the U.S. government to recruit women to go into the war when they were running out of men —needed help in the production of resources o Fueled a lot of the early feminist movement—making women’s voices heard o Marketing gender Guilt trip—how could you not support the war and help—how could you stay at home when all of your men are off at war Then also the, “We can do it” side—saying c’mon you can do it its not hard… Women’s committee knocked on everyone’s door Posters were everywhere promoting it They could earn a lot more money They provided quick and easy training and schooling for the labor
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Gender PPT Notes - Gender PPT Notes August 3 2010 Gender...

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