Grocery Store Musical - Jordan Korn 8/2/10 Anthropology 101...

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Jordan Korn 8/2/10 Anthropology 101 Grocery Store Musical Why is it that human beings find it so strange when others draw attention to themselves? Think about it. If we saw someone walking down the street wearing a clown costume, we would think that was bizarre, right? Our minds automatically associate drawing attention to oneself in public, with the feeling of embarrassment. What does this say about our cultural norms? We have grown up all our lives following a widely agreed upon list of invisible rules that we subconsciously accept as the “norm”. But why is it that we consider the norm as finding it strange and embarrassing when people express themselves in public, despite the fact that we as Americans claim to promote uniqueness and individuality? Improv Eveywhere’s production of Grocery Store Musical is a perfect example of de- familiarization of this implied cultural norm that humans seem to follow. It completely defies all norms of our society associated with a grocery store. A grocery store in our society is a place that people associate solely with food shopping. When we go to the grocery store, we rarely even interact with any other people there. We are accustomed to walking in, minding our own business, buying our food, and leaving as quickly as possible. Grocery Store Musical completely shatters the invisible barrier that seems to exist between an individual shopper and the many other strangers around him/her. No grocery shopper would ever expect a random stranger to
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Grocery Store Musical - Jordan Korn 8/2/10 Anthropology 101...

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