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Jordan Korn Anthro 101 Exegetical Writing Exercise 1) In Anne Fausto-Sterling’s “The Five Sexes”, we are presented with highly controversial subject matter that most Americans fail to address. Fausto-Sterling recognizes the fact that most people today are uncomfortable with the thought that there are more than just two sexes. She proposes three additional sexes that she thinks should be culturally integrated into society; herms, ferms, and merms. These three sexes incorporate the intersexual individuals of society, the people who don’t fit into our two distinct categories. In the article, the reader is presented with the idea of Fausto-Sterling’s utopia. Her utopia is described as “…a culture that had overcome sexual division”(24). All previous sources of sexual division would have to be dissolved in order for this to work. She has an inclusive vision of “sexual multiplicity”(24) that allows for sexual ambiguity to exist openly without discrimination or cultural implications. In this utopia that she envisions, there would be no pressure for an intersexual person to “conform” to a specific sex due to any societal norms. The utopia creates a place where a decision wouldn’t need to be made. Being a merm would be considered equally acceptable to being a female. It would create sexual categories that are each fully valued in society so that no one category can exhibit dominance over another. In this ideal world, the purpose of medical treatment would be to preserve life. Doctors would not be primarily concerned with intervening with sex in order to conform an intersexual to society. Instead, the only concern of patients and doctors would be to care for life-threatening conditions that could potentially develop along with different
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types of intersexual development. Fausto-Sterling is well aware that a transition to her utopia would not be an easy task. She mentions the fact that many individuals in our society today still cannot accept the idea of homosexuality. Clearly if it has taken this long for our culture to accept gay and lesbian individuals, it will take a lot of work to incorporate intersexual individuals equally into our society. There are many
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Writing Exercise 2 - Jordan Korn Anthro 101 Exegetical...

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