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Unformatted text preview: PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION POLICY MAKING FINAL EXAM REVIEW SHEET 1. Implementation 2. Weber’s Bureaucracy 3. Legislative Veto 4. Executive Departments 5. Independent Regulatory Agencies 6. Government Corporations 7. Independent Agencies 8. Congressional Oversight Committee 9. Constituency of the Agency 10. Administrative Policymaking 11. Adjudication 12. Policy Decision 13. Rational Competence Theory 14. Incremental Theory 15. Mixed Scanning 16. Deference 17. Decision Rules 18. The Public Interest 19. Bargaining 20. Persuasion 21. Command 22. Majority Building in Congress 23. Policy outcomes 24. Policy outputs 25. Policy impact 26. Policy Evaluation 27. Cost Benefit Analysis 28. Government Accountability Office 29.Problems in Policy Evaluation 30. Policy Termination Essay: National Budgetary Process ...
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