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Midterm+Review+Sheet - IDTERMS(;theywillbe...

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Public Administration Policy Making Midterm Review Sheet Spring 2009 ID TERMS (on the exam you will have 12 terms and have to identify 6 of them; they will be  worth 10 points each) 1. Ecology of Public Administration 2. POSDCORB Orthodoxy 3. Social Science Heterodoxy 4. Reassertion of Democratic Idealism 5. The Re-founding Movement 6. Public Policy 7. Substantive v. Procedural Policies 8. Regulatory Policies 9. Self-Regulatory Policies 10. Distributive Policies  11. Redistributive Policies 12. Material v. Symbolic Policies 13. Political Systems Theory
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  • Spring '11
  • Andersen
  • Harshad number, Prime number, Ecology of Public Administration, Social Science Heterodoxy, Public Administration Policy

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Midterm+Review+Sheet - IDTERMS(;theywillbe...

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