LECTURES+2+and+3+SLIDES - L ECTURES 2 and 3 SLIDES Process...

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LECTURES 2 and 3 SLIDES Process of Public Policy: Models January 29 th , 2009 The Study of public policy Policy Study: systematically explain/ account for adoption of public policies Policy Analysis: research, using economic theory, tries to identify most efficient way to handle a problem Policy Advocacy: trying to secure a good/ proper public policy Scientifics Policy Process Stages of Policy Process Problem ID and agenda setting Formulation Adoption Implementation/ Administration Evaluation Policy Process Approach Public Policy: relatively stable, purposive course of action followed by an actor (the government) in dealing with a problem or matter of concern Purposive Course or patterns of action over time Response to policy demands What the gov actually does
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Positive or negative o Based on law and authoratative o Categories of Public Policy o Substantive and Procedural o Distributive, Regulatory, Self-Regulatory, and Redistributive o Material and Symbolic o Collective and Private Goods o Theoretical Approaches to Policy Study o Political Systems Theory
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LECTURES+2+and+3+SLIDES - L ECTURES 2 and 3 SLIDES Process...

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