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FIN3403 Exam 1 Article Summaries Spring 2011 FIN3403: Business Finance Exam 1 Dr. Banko Article Summaries Spring 2011 1/11/11 In this classes lecture Dr. Banko shows the class how you all can access wall st. journal articles for free right through the library’s website. Article: Mastering the fine art of finance o A discussion of investing in today’s uncertain world. o The article claims that hedge funds are buying fine art and selling them later for high profits. Some claim 25% returns. Dr. Banko also talked about some great books to read if you are interested in finance. o Liar’s Poker, Money Business, Brining Down the House.
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Unformatted text preview: 1/27 • Dr. Banko mentions a New York Times article that claims students are more stressed than ever before. o Given the economy, job prospects etc. • Dr. Banko believes that we must come up with new products and services to help decrease the stress and their concern for their futures. Create jobs. It will also help with their “sense of inadequacy”. I will be watching the remaining lectures and posting and additional comments tomorrow but Dr. Banko says the current events questions will be obvious and remember on the exam DON’T WASTE TIME ON THESE. 1 POINT EACH!!!!...
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