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Dara Notes of 2.15 - (Monday February 15th The Eagles The...

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(Monday February 15 th ) The Eagles: The Long Run , took 3 years to finish and saw them move further into hard rock “Heartache Tonight” #1 “I Can’t Tell You Why” Their last hit single for 15 years While recording The Long Run , tensions rose and they broke up. Took 15 years for their reunion to happen. Hell Freezes Over #1 (1994) Album name is in reference to Henley (in 1980 he said the band would play together again ‘when hell freezes over’) “Love Will Keep Us Alive” #1 2001 line up—back to 4 members Timothy Schmidt, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, and Don Henley Their new album in 27 years, Long Road Out of Eden , was sold exclusively at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club In the US. Sold 7 million copies, 2 nd highest selling Eagles album Joe Walsh established a solo career before the Eagles, returned to it “Rocky Mountain Way” 1973 Don Henley: “Dirty Laundry” (1982) #3 “The Boys of Summer” (1985) #5 Glenn Frey “The Heat Is On” (1985) #2 from Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack “You Belong to the City” (1985) #2 Miami Vice Soundtrack American Jazz Rock Fusion: one of the earliest forms of popular music, usually have horn and brass section Steely Dan (Donald Fagen and Walter Becker) one of most popular “Reeling in the Years” The music is characterized by jazz-like structures and lyrics filled with sarcasm “Do It Again” (1972) Can’t Buy A Thrill The perfect Antiheroes of the 70’s – Rolling Stone They became a studio-only band “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number” (#4) 1974 Pretzel Logic The pursuit of studio perfectionism—bestowed their recordings with an uncommon self- respect. “Black Friday” (1975) Katy Lied Housed some of the mist well known session artists of their time (Michael McDonald from the Doobie Brothers and Jeff Porcaro from Toto)
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“Kid Charlemagne” The Royal Scam was Steely Dan at its most cynical and darkest with an eerie album cover considered ahead of time “Peg” (1978) Aja “Hey Nineteen” (1980) Chevy Chase played drums with the band The Leather Canary, one of the forerunners of Steely Dan “Cousin Dupree” (2000) They released their 1 st studio album in 20 years, earned 4 Grammts in 2001 including Album of the Year. Two against Nature ? Chicago oldest running and most successful band with no break ups in America. 30+ albums, and 45 years of career. 3 phases of Chicago 1. Jazz Fusion rock with sophisticated rhythm/harmony The 70’s 2. Early to mid 80’s, since death of Kath and struggle in late 70’s they fused rock sound with contemporary pop hooks 3. Late 80’s and on: radio friendly and the return to ‘big jazz’ sound since the 90’s 25 or 6 to 4” (1970) song that made them a household name in R&R. #4 The line up with a versatile group of musicians including saxophonist, trombonist, and trumpet player “Make Me Smile” (Kath on vocal), (1970) #4 Their album covers graced by the classic band logo earned them a critical praise beyond music “Saturday in the Park” (1972) (Lamm on vocal) From Chicago V (72) to Chicago IX (75) they scored 5 successive #1 albums on the Billboard “Just You ‘N’ Me” (1973)
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