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Exam 1 Review • Rolling Stones—British invasion band, Sticky Fingers cover controversial, Altamont, STP (Stones Touring Party: huge tour, known as hardest partying band in business), Some Girls: their best selling studio album to date • The Who—invented Marshallstacks (stackings amps), fused hard-edged rock and artistic intellectualism, “My Generation” got them on the map in US, Tommy : rock opera with not much of a plot, failed. Quadro Phenia: rock opera done right • Keith Richards—childhood friends with Jagger, met up again in train station • Mick Jagger • Brian Jones—Rolling Stones was his band first, guitarist, eventually had to quit from mental/emotional problems • Pete Townshend—one of the guitar heroes, The Who • Roger Daltrey—founder and leader of The Who • Keith Moon—sang with The Who on Who Are You album, died in a fatal crash • John Entwistle—bass guitarist for The Who • Led Zeppelin—THE BIG THREE.emerged from The Yardbirds, rockumentary brought out their human side, Presence album with ‘the object’ made 1000 to use as promotional items, • Jimmy Page—lead guitarist for Zeppelin • Robert Plant—member of Led Zeppelin, wouldn’t do the reunion tour, went solo • John Bonham—choked on his own vomit and died in 1980 • The Honeydrippers—had highest charting song in US for Zeppelin related material “Sea of Love” 1984 • Ahmet Ertegun—music executive, concert held in his memory by Led Zeppelin • Peter Grant—manager of the Rolling Stones, had complete faith in them, let them make all important decisions, put band’s artistic integrity first not $ • Black Sabbath/Heaven & Hell—THE BIG THREE. Heaven & Hell was their comeback album, also the name of the band when they reunited (Dio era band) in 2009, first album released on Friday the 13 th , Paranoid one of most influential heavy metal albums and called the birthplace of heavy metal by Time; career peak from 71-75 • Ozzy Osbourne—Godfather of heavy metal; Black Sabbath, created Ozzfest an annual metal fest, left band at end of 70’s, Blizzard of Oz: “Crazy Train”, found unknown guitarists and made them superstars • Ronnie James Dio- replaced Ozzy, revitalized Sabbath’s fortunes by Heaven and Hell album, wanted more control, left and made Dio, popularized the devil horn symbol • Randy Rhoads—guitarist who Osbourne made famous, died in car accident in 1982 • Deep Purple/Rainbow—THE BIG THREE. 5 years together in their prime, define their style in Machine Head “Smoke on the Water” how classical and blues come together in HM, made a simple riff that was influenced by Pete Townshend one of most recognizable of all time. Rainbow (brainchild of Deep Purple) was Blackmore & Dio; took ‘baroque’ to higher level • Ritchie Blackmore—disciple of Fender Stratocaster, face of Fender, Deep Purple
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RnR Review (dara) - Exam 1 Review Rolling StonesBritish...

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