Rock and Roll class notes Exam 1

Rock and Roll class notes Exam 1 - Exam 1(Monday January 11...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam 1 (Monday January 11 th ) RECAP of PART ONE: Elvis- king of R&R combined country and western with R&B, to young fans he was a symbol of rebellion, to everyone else he was a symbol of evil. His manners won everyone over. Rock n roll is a linear & evolutionary process- an art and a business-a threat to mainstream American culture & values-a blending together of diverse musical styles and traditions, primarily: White ‘hillbilly’ music (country & western) Black ‘race; music (R&B) Fine art vs folk art Fine: literature, music (classical/opera), visual arts (painting/sculpture), theater, drama, “High brow” Folk: little or no academic or artistic training, primitive/tribal, comes from pop culture, “Lowbrow” (non-intellectual, camp) Technology: recording, radio, instruments Music: “Hillbilly,” “Race,” and “Mainstream” 3 basic instruments: guitar, bass and drums. The SOLID BODY ELECTRIC GUITAR is the defining instrument of R&R. Major labels: Columbia, RCA victor, Decca, Capitol, Mercury, Warner Little label: Sun Records changed history. Sam Phillips signed Carl Perkins, Roy Orbisson, Elvis, and many more. Some consider Elvis’s purest truest most honest rock and roll sounds to have come from his early records at Sun from 54-55. His first single was “That’s All Right” in 1954. The way he moved his hips and gyrated was the reason for all the fuss and controversy. Hound Dog ’53 and Jailhouse Rock ‘57 Chuck Berry: if you had to give R&R another name… Chuck Berry. Had so much influence on the changing and improvement of guitar The 60’s bands all covered several of chuck berry’s songs. Ex) beach boys covered Surfin’ USA Berry recorded for Chess Records in Chicago Main cities: NOLA, Chicago, Memphis, and St. Louis (all on the Blues Highway/Highway 61) Blues: Robert Johnson, a LEGACY. He held only two recording sessions, which were al released in the 60’s after his death. (Wednesday January 13 th ) Rolling Stones- Sticky Fingers album released in 1971, controversial album cover, but became a well known art piece-Altamont at the end of the 60’s, Dec 1969 4 died, 1 homicide, 4 births “Brown Sugar” #1 hit in the US “Bitch” Exile on Main Street , released in 1972. Draws on influences from blues, soul, country, etc. “Tumbling Dice” #7 in US “Stop Breaking Down” a Robert Johnson song (say he sold his soul to the devil, god father of R&R) “Happy” Despite Keith Richards lead vocal, was a top 40 hit After the album was released, had the HUGE tour: Tour ’72 S.T.P. (Stones Touring Party) Hardest partying band in business; baddest boys of R&R. Goats Head Soup, 1973 album It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll, 1975 album, #1 album & #16 single in the US Some Girls , their best selling studio album to date, 1977 #1 in US “Miss You” #1 US Tattoo You , 1981 album, #1 US “Start Me Up” #2 US Mick Jagger & Keith Richards were known as The Glitter Twins, made Rolling Stones together The Who-Pete Townshend, guitarist (one of the guitar heroes of the 60’s)...
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Rock and Roll class notes Exam 1 - Exam 1(Monday January 11...

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