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Rock n Roll Notes starting 02.08.10

Rock n Roll Notes starting 02.08.10 - Mainstream Rock in...

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Mainstream Rock in the 1970s: commercialism and diversity 02/08/10 Rock becomes diverse with different popular styles Less about spontaneity more about mainstream audience Technology makes rock music much more salient Rock and Roll in the 70s= A Booming Business Major Labels dominate business with cross-marketing (album + tour) Promotion of “focus” artists with popularity of AOR RIAA awards for sales and ignites corporate takeover Mainstream Rock? Genre wise, a big tent with diverse music genres Business wise, carefully controlled and marketed music (producers more important than ever) Style wise, radio-friendly with distinctive identity Stadium Rock? Most artists placed commercial success as their highest priority… Elton John was the poster boy for this path and inducted into the hall of fame Elton John (Reginald Dwight) “Your Song” (#8 US) album Elton John ; this song put him on the map His career is one of the most fascinating professional metamorphoses in rock history His flamboyant showmanship on stage epitomized the excessive culture of the ‘70s “Rocket Man” (#6 US) John’s collaboration with lyricist Bernie Taupin is still intact after 40 years. “Crocodile Rock” (#1 US) album Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player (#1 ’73) “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” (#1 US) album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (#1 ’73) “Philadelphia Freedom” (#1 US) album Captain Fantastic “Island Girl” (#1 76) album Rock the Westies “Don’t Go Breaking Your Heart” (#1) “I’m Still Standing” (#3, US) album Too Low for Zero (’83) 1980s was a decade of personal upheaval and struggles “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” (#1, US) album Duet with George Michael o Revived his waning career in the ‘90s, thanks to a collaboration with George Michael “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” (#4, US) 50 plus top 40 US hits 8 US #1 albums 9 US #1 hits Most #1 hits tied with the Beegees “Candle in the Wind ‘97” (#1 US ) o Remake of his 73’ song, a tribute to Princess Diana, has been certified as the best single of all time in the UK “Something About the Way You Look Tonight” His longevity and the range of collaborations not only speaks to his music flexibility but his generous nature Billy Joel Rock Hall Inductee (1999) “Piano Man” (#25, US) album Piano Man (’73); this song put him on the map
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American R&R and British Invasion bands “Say Goodbye to Hollywood” (#17, US) New York State of Mind o His lyrics have made many references to locations in the New York Metropolitan area. “Just the Way You Are (#3, US) album
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Rock n Roll Notes starting 02.08.10 - Mainstream Rock in...

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