Study Guide For Exam #2 - [MMC 1702 STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM#2...

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Unformatted text preview: [MMC 1702] STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM #2 MAINSTREAM ROCK OF THE ‘70S (Lectures and Chapter 14) Know your names (and the main reasons why) • Elton John (Reginald Dwight) → “Your Song” (#8 US) album Elton John ; this song put him on the map → His career is one of the most fascinating professional metamorphoses in rock history → His flamboyant showmanship on stage epitomized the excessive culture of the ‘70s → 1980s was a decade of personal upheaval and struggles → 50 plus top 40 US hits → 8 US #1 albums → 9 US #1 hits → Most #1 hits tied with the Bee Gees → “Candle in the Wind ‘97” (#1 US ) o Remake of his 73’ song, a tribute to Princess Diana, has been certified as the best single of all time in the UK → His longevity and the range of collaborations not only speaks to his music flexibility but his generous nature → 80s: tough time for Elton John, emotionally and physically worn out, music suffered, a decade of personal upheaval and struggles • Bernie Taupin → John’s collaboration with lyricist Bernie Taupin is still intact after 40 years. • Billy Joel → Rock Hall Inductee (1999) → “Piano Man” (#25, US) album Piano Man (’73); this song put him on the map → His music reflects influences of classical, doo-wop, jazz, blues, gospel, and rock & roll → American R&R and British Invasion bands → New York State of Mind o His lyrics have made many references to locations in the New York Metropolitan area. → “Just the Way You Are (#3, US) album The Stranger (#2, US); best selling, non compilation Billy Joel Album to date → Still missing that BIG SHOT HIT in the ‘70s → “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me” (#1, US) album Glass House (#1, US) o A suckerpunch to critics who slapped the “balladeer” tag on him… → “Tell Her About It” (#1, US) album An Innocent Man o The album was a tribute to “Rock and roll” he grew up listening to in the ‘50s-‘60s → “Uptown Girl” (#3, ’83) o The lyrics deal with a blue-collar “downtown man” → “River of Dreams” (#3 US) album River of Dreams (’93) o The 6 th best selling artist in the US with 4 #1 albums and 4 #1 songs spanning 3 decades... → Together Again…! o Face to face tour o A joint tour between John/Joel since last year has been one of the most popular and commercially successful tours → Storm Front “We Didn’t Start the Fire” (1989), song makes reference to a catalog of headline events during his lifetime, rebuttal to criticism of Baby Boomer generation • Queen → Roger Taylor (Dr), Freddy Mercury (V), John Deacon (B), Brian May (G) → Recognized for their contributions to many genres, including hard rock and heavy metal → “Killer Queen” (#12, US) put them on the map as far as commercial success goes → They epitomized stylistic diversity and complex arrangements → “Bohemian Rhapsody” (#1, UK, #2 US) album A Night at the Opera o One of their most popular songs o Consists of seemingly disjointed sections, such as operatic segments, accapella passage...
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Study Guide For Exam #2 - [MMC 1702 STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM#2...

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