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Unformatted text preview: Crystal Cozart ESC1000 October 28, 2009 Ch. 11 Homework 1.) Most of Earth’s free water exists as liquid. Vapor is the physical state that accounts for the least. 97.5% of Earth’s water is in the oceans, 1.8% is locked up in glaciers, 0.63% is ground water, 0.01% is in lakes and rivers, and 0.001% is in the atmosphere. 4.) Sediment transport depends on the stream’s energy. A rapidly flowing stream has more energy to transport sediment than a slow stream of the same size. The competence of a stream is a measure of the largest particle it can carry. The capacity of a stream is the total amount of sediment is can carry past a point in a given amount of time. Capacity is proportional to both current speed and discharge. The ability of a stream to carry sediment is proportional to both velocity and discharge. 7.) Downcutting, lateral erosion, and mass wasting combine to form a stream valley. Mountain streams downcut rapidly and form V-shaped valleys, whereas lower-gradient streams form wider...
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