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Ch 12 hw - Crystal Cozart ESC1000 November 9 2009 Ch 12...

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Crystal Cozart ESC1000 November 9, 2009 Ch. 12 Homework 1.) Part of the reason why water shortages exist in many parts of the U.S. is because much of Earth’s rain falls in the wrong places or at the wrong times to be of much use to humans. “The wet places of the world don’t need the runoff because they are wet. The dry places of the world need the runoff to irrigate the land, but they don’t get much,” explains a prominent ecologist. The U.S. receives about three times as much water as it uses, but some of the driest regions use the greatest amounts of water. Most of the water used by homes and industry is withdrawn and then returned to streams of ground water reservoirs near the site of withdrawal. But most of the water used by agriculture is consumed because it evaporates. 9.) Ground water is a valuable resource because it is abundant, it moves very slowly (thus it is stored below Earth’s surface and remains available during dry periods), and in some regions, ground water flows from wet environments to arid ones, making water available in dry areas.
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