INR2001 - INR2001- 10/27/08 Supranationals and...

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INR2001- 10/27/08 Supranationals and Intergovernmental Organizations What kind of role can weak states play in International Organizatiosn? Is representation fairly allocated and just? o NO! o One country— one vote o One dollar— once vote o Wealth over democracy Do leaders come from weak or poor states? o World Bank President— USA o IMF Director— EU Do weak/poor states have recourses to get power in International organizations? o Security council: 1994: Rwanda o Inflation because of currency switches Examples— ICC and ICJ o ICC: 2002 108 members states indicted President Sudan, June 2008 o ICJ: UN 1949 States can parties US vs. Nicaragua (1986) We lost because of the contra affair because we were supplying weapons G77 o Response to G8 o 130 countries; but name kept because of historical significance o Created in 1964 o Development and economic cooperation o Act as a bloc— join together with other countries and try to get something
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INR2001 - INR2001- 10/27/08 Supranationals and...

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