INR (PROPOSED QUESTIONS) - Ramn Galianes Jr. Introduction...

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Ramón Galiñanes Jr. Introduction to International Relations INR 2001 12/5/2008 Current Event/Gerges Questions CURRENT EVENT QUESTIONS: 1) Of what nationality are the women known as the Black Widows? a) Iranian b) Czechen c) Indian d) Russian e) Egyptian 2) What factors led to the European Union launching its first naval operation? a) Russia invading Georgia b) U.S. forces in Iraq c) Piracy and armed robbery off the coast of Somalia d) Suicide bombing near naval bases e) Attacks on schools by the ‘black widows’ 3) Why is the European Union getting involved with the pirates off the coast of Somalia? a) to protect UN World Food Program vessels b) to protect other ships and boats c) to deter piracy and armed robbery in general d) none of the above e) a, b, and c 4) Which of the following is not one of the five priorities of France in terms of a new model for world finance? a) Registration of voting agencies b) IMF given responsibility to restore confidence/stability c) regulation of all aspects of financial markets d) laissez-faire economics e) convergence of accounting rules 5) Which member of Al Qaeda released a racial epithet insulting Barack Obama? a) Zarqawi
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INR (PROPOSED QUESTIONS) - Ramn Galianes Jr. Introduction...

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