INR Notes 10-8-08 - “As treasury secretary I observed...

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INR2001- 10/8/2008 THE CHANGING CHARACTER OF WORLD POWER Decreased utility of military power Increased importance of technology, education and economic growth Military spending: o Opportunity costs o Peace dividend o Relative burden of military spending o “Guns versus butter” Q- is there declining utility in having these military [hard power] assets? o Guns vs. Butter Debate Unilateralism : acting alone without help or agreement from other actors Imperial overstretch : Too much emphasis on gun issues leads to breakdown Fiscally Assured Destruction: o Living on borrowed money: Debt Levels Other Power Indicators: o Culture: music o Values o Ideology— Ideals o Language AMERICA’S UNIPOLAR MOMENT Caused by end of Cold War Unilateralism of the Bush administration Bush Doctrine and the war on terror Unipolar situation instigates other power centers to form (balancing) Imperial overstretch?
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Unformatted text preview: “As treasury secretary, I observed that the global economy depended on the US economy, that the US economy depended on the consumer, that the consumer depended on the stock market, and that the stock market depended increasingly on 30 or 40 stocks. I also remarked that the main thing we had to fear was the lack of fear itself, and that the world economy could not fly forever on a single American engine.” ECONOMIC LEADERSHIP: THE EUROPEAN UNION • What is the European Union? • How does it work? • Sources/indicators of economic power • Sources/indicators of military power • Soft powers WHAT IS THE EUROPEAN UNION? • An intergovernmental organization? • A federation… “the United States of Europe?” • A confederation? • A supranational entity? • Pooled/shared sovereignty • A hybrid organization?...
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INR Notes 10-8-08 - “As treasury secretary I observed...

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