American Descriptive Linguistics

American Descriptive Linguistics - l Bloomfield i was not...

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American Descriptive Linguistics Franz Boas, Edward Sapir, Leonard Bloomfield a. Boas says different languages carve up the universe in different ways b. he grew up in a scholarly perspective where people were making value judgments but he didn ʼ t care about value judgments, was interested in descriptive linguistics c. looked at native american languages d. wanted to look at how specific languages work at a particular moment e. argued for linguistic relativity- all languages are created equal, no one is superior to any other. all languages are of roughly equal complexity f. Boas left germany in the 1920 ʼ s g. he tries to shoot down the concept of race ʼ h. he saw that culture was more important than biology, and that language is more important than biology i. children of immigrants in US were behaving vary differently from their parents due to cultural differences j. saw language as a means to another end k. he thought that you needed the language to understand the culture
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Unformatted text preview: l. Bloomfield i. was not interested in the culture and became obsessed with language ii. so fixated on language he lost culture The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis [language dictates behavior] m. Sapir was a student of Boas and teacher of Whorf n. Whorf refused the opportunity to be a full time academic linguist o. Whorf said that being a fire claims adjuster helped him understand linguistics more p. thought all languages were created equal q. argued that language divides up the world in different ways r. not interested in Standard average european languages. rather exotic ones like Hopi, and native american languages s. Hopi regard the universe in different ways t. in greek you have to think about aspect u. french and spanish have to deal with status v. Whorf said languages are also a world view, and to some extent distinct worlds unto themselves w. Sapir and Whorf said that languages present their users with distinct views of the universe...
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American Descriptive Linguistics - l Bloomfield i was not...

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