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Ferdinand de Saussure 

Ferdinand de Saussure  - vii the...

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Ferdinand de Saussure a. language is a kind of organism, languages are systems b. said historical linguistics was too concerned with lists of words compared to each other c. diachronic (historical contexts of language) d. synchronic e. langue/parole i. langue is what underlies our language ii. parole is speech and is the messy stuff. Saussure wanted to put it aside at first f. signs - are two face things i. signifier (the symbol itself) ii. signified (the concept) iii. different languages are about different relationships between signifiers and signifieds iv. languages carve up the universe in different ways v. in french, sheep is mouton when it is in the field or on your plate vi. in english, a sheep is sheep on the field, or it is lamb/ mouton on your plate
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Unformatted text preview: vii. the relationships are very important viii. this is an example of linguistic relativity. will likely be an essay question on a test g. Paradigmatic & Syntagmatic relations i. another way of thinking about syntax ii. Saussure thought languages had to have a way to combine words together to make chains iii. said a sentence was a sequence of signs, each sign contributes something to the overall meaning of the sentence iv. when the signs have a linear relationship they are syntagmatic (horizontal) v. when a sign is present in a sentence and is contrasting with other signs that could fill that slot is a paradigmatic (vertical) vi. paradigmatic, think of a paradigm. she runs. she can also be replaced with he, the dog, my cat, etc....
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Ferdinand de Saussure  - vii the...

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