Human vs Animal

Human vs Animal - things we do(semantics-meaning ^^^lesions...

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Human vs. Animal Language Difference between human language and animal communication is in degree of difference, which is very large (don’t know what is in the space) Answers to question of where language came from have always been provisional; evidence/data is gone, answers also reworked Language a big juicy fruit, dangling Data comes from all kinds of sources/disciplines Fossil records, human anatomy, ethnology (study of animal behavior) Linguistics, psychology, biology, neurology all fields 2 dif. Scans: same part of the brain used for language and tool-making (brain imaging) Aphasia-inability to use language (spoken and comprehension) Braoqua-left front dominant hemisphere-lesions make language difficult Rear-left-hemisphere of brain-lesions result in problems with language, can speak quickly, but what they say doesn’t make sense (no content, no semantics) Cups, bowls, glasses-we know all of them, associate them with certain
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Unformatted text preview: things we do (semantics-meaning) ^^^lesions don’t allow them to do that • Buroqua- came up with skulls, black skulls vs. white skulls racism-white people were better and had bigger heads/brains so they were the better race, crazy, died from lead poisoning • Cortex- gray cellular mantle on outside of cerebral hemisphere (where higher brain function is performed, conscious mental activity, thinking, remembering, calculating) • Brain with water, still can use brain despite impairment • 2 possible hypothesis-only use x% of your brain, high degree of redundancy in brain, both not true(could get messed up with only 5%, highly localized in some spots too) • Chomsky-language organ • Complexity- why did language develop in a complicated way? • Stages in evolution-looking at animal communication to figure it out, birdsong is a good tool, • Birdsong-birds make calls (danger, fear) inherited, some make songs (which are learned) sequence of notes...
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Human vs Animal - things we do(semantics-meaning ^^^lesions...

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