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Language Evolution - Language Evolution Language...

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Language Evolution Language Evolution-where did language come from? Egyptian pharaoh-2 infants placed in mountain hut, and servant didn’t let language reach them, Fridian, Scottish kids-Hebrew, contextual stories-garden of eden gursh, kids raised by wolves? Indian kids, weren’t able to form language like everyone else, something missing in physiological aspect of children, 1970’s-genie-2 yr old locked away, never able to master language (past 5 year old) missed critical period of learning language, language ability form in contact with other humans We don’t know a lot, evidence is gone, words disappear when not written down, nothing that’s comparable to human world in rest of natural world, we can learn animal communication-bees, primate/birdsong; male stickleback fish, projection-anecdote about dog in elevator Cultural barriers-divide between human and animal communication; human language has displacement-distance in time and space, speculate about things yet to come, talk about past; animals can talk in
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Language Evolution - Language Evolution Language...

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