Language - • Language struggles to convey-spatial...

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Language Amoeba theory-language evolved from simple to complex Reconcile Chomsky and Darwinian theory-wrote Language and Species- Language Acquisition Device-Bickerton Larynx essential for speech Curve cuts for wheelchairs-disabled person at Berkeley Simple structure like a curve cut can be used for other purposes by other people Spaghetti-Junction theory-seems complex at first, but then you find better pathways as time goes on Did a big brain cause use for language? Bonfire-punctuated equilibrium, periods of slow change, rapid change, plateau Common belief that language is used for passing on information
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Unformatted text preview: • Language struggles to convey-spatial information, pain, feeling, • Language helps with deceit/lying • Conventions of politeness-genuine and non-genuine • Displacement-lying involves it, involves creating a scenario that doesn’t exist • Talk for the sake of talking-greetings • Malinowski-phatic communication-way of establishing/breaking social bonds • Diversity-sometimes creates barriers ex. New York police officers in Barrios • To what extent do we owe our ability to think to language • Language produced physically by toungue, lips, larynx, and by brain •...
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  • Fall '08
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  • As Time Goes By, • Language, Darwinian theory-wrote Language, SpeciesLanguage Acquisition Device-Bickerton, big brain cause

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Language - • Language struggles to convey-spatial...

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