Overview - -Understanding culture means you understand that different parts of social life overlap Religious Political Healthcare system-Involves

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Overview The Study of Linguistics Anthropologist solve the problem of human difference with culture Culture is a set of learned rules, feelings, and beliefs that are shared by a group. It guides behavior consciously and unconsciously. [Agar ʼ s definition of culture is different] Methodolgies in Anthropology -start by looking at small scale information -work out from there -Anthropologists do field work, and then tries to participate in whatever field they are in. It is long term and immersive. Should take about a year to do good field work. Participate and observe.
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Unformatted text preview: -Understanding culture means you understand that different parts of social life overlap. Religious, Political, Healthcare system. -Involves the temporary suspension of judgment. You must try to suspend your own cultural biases when you study another culture. Society -a collection of institutions that go along with a certain culture -institution is a social body with members -rules within institutions determine membership -institutions exist in all kinds of cultures...
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