Review - deep seeded features of human creativity Nim could...

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Review: -Words in a language exist in a relationship to one another- like chess -Value -According to Saussurian linguistics, to understand what a cat is you have to understand other animals in relation to cats -A cat is not a dog, a newt, a lizard, or any other kind of animal -Saussurian - a cat is defined as much by what it isn ʼ t as what it is. what they are defined in opposition to -to konw a language you have to know as many parts as possible -Value is about being a system, interrelatedness, and negative definitions -Paradigmatic vs Syntagmatic are horizontal vs vertical relationships -Syntagmatic relationships are also combinatorial -Boas- languages are all of equal complexity -Whorf/Sapir Hypothesis - languages are different ways of viewing the world people have the capacities to see through descete the very fact that people talk to each other reveals that there are
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Unformatted text preview: deep seeded features of human creativity Nim could ask for things, but couldn ʼ t do much more in sign language Syntactic Structures publication began in 1957 he argued ʻ later ʼ that subsystems are inate in human beings. wehave machine type programs in a way the interesting question from this point to view what is the human nature in terms of language children learn language by the obvious hypothesis is that our language is a result of the unfolding of a genetic program the apparent variation of language is superficial our tasks as scientists is to find what the fundamental principles of language are linguistics and politics are linked by there isn ʼ t a good connection between linguistics and politics Foucault is that Chomsky places constraints on the human mind and social structures...
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Review - deep seeded features of human creativity Nim could...

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