Chapt5 - Chapter 5 9:55 PM Motivation= the processes that...

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2/13/11 9:55 PM Motivation = the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal intensity how hard a person tries direction where the intensity is channeled persistence how long a person can maintain effort Early Theories Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs o Physiological, safety, social, esteem, self-actualization o first three=lower-order needs satisfied externally o last two= higher-order needs satisfied internally Theory X and Theory Y o two distinctive views of humans negative=X , positive=Y o Theory X- managers think employees dislike work so they need to be directed/coerced into performing it o Theory Y- mangers assume employees can view work as natural as rest/play so average can learn to accept/seek responsibility Two-Factor Theory (Motivation-Hygiene Theory) o =believing that an individual’s relation to work is basic and attitude toward work can determine success or failure o “What do people want from their jobs?” o tabulated and categorized situations when ppl felt exceptionally good or bad about jobs found out opposite of satisfaction is not dissatisfaction opps is “no satisfaction” o hygiene factors = conditions surrounding the job such as quality of supervision, pay company policies, physical working conditions, relations with others, and job security o opportunities rewarding and motivating McClelland’s Theory of Needs o 3 needs for achievement (nAch) = drive to excel, achieve in relation to a set of standards, striving for power (nPow) = need to make others behave in a way in which they would not otherwise
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Chapt5 - Chapter 5 9:55 PM Motivation= the processes that...

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