Chapt2 - Chapter 2 PERSONALITY =the sum total of ways in...

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Chapter 2 PERSONALITY =the sum total of ways in which an individual reacts to and interacts with others measuring personality - o observer-rater surveys better tool to measure than self-report surveys to predict success on the job personality determinants - o heredity affects more than individ. interaction with surroundings =refers to factors determine at conception (bio, physiological, inherent psychological makeup) o personality traits = the characteristics someone exhibits in a large number of situations The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) most widely used personality-assessment in the world 100 questions that classify individ as (16 diff types): o extraverted/introverted E=outgoing, sociable, and assertive I=quiet and shy o sensing/intuitive S=practical and prefer routine/order N=rely on unconscious process—looks at “big pic” o thinking/feeling T=use reason/logic to handle problems F= rely on personal values/emotions o judging/perceiving J=wants control/prefer world to be ordered/structure P=flexible and spontaneous o INTJ=visionaries o ESTJs=organizers o ENTP=conceptualizers The Big Five Personality Model Five Trait Dimensions: o Extraversion = one’s comfort level with relationships extraverts—gregarious, assertive and socialable o Agreeableness = individual’s propensity to defer to tohers highly agreeable—cooperative, warm and trusting low—cold, disagreeable and antagonistic
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Chapt2 - Chapter 2 PERSONALITY =the sum total of ways in...

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