Ethics - Is Socrates conduct in the Apology...

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Is Socrates’ conduct in the Apology admirable/heroic? Why is he so insolent to the jury? Is this view that death is a good thing (even if it is a “dreamless sleep) a pessimistic view of human life? Is he trying to commit suicide? Crito 1. Dramatic Setting of Dialogue. Socrates has been in prison for a month. (The execution had been delayed for this time because of religious reasons - a ritual voyage of a ship to Delos and back. During this time no one can be executed. The ship is coming back and he will be executed shortly.) His friend Crito comes to visit him and has plans for an escape. Crito has bribed the warden at the jail; Socrates can escape. 2. Crito's arguments. Crito gives reasons why Socrates should escape: 1. Crito will loose a great friend if Socrates is executed (p. 44). 2. If Socrates is executed people will assume that he (Crito) was too cheap to bribe the people at the jail to get Socrates' out of jail - they will assume that Crito values money more than his friend (p. 44-45). [Quite a comment on the Athenian justice system !!] 3. Even though Socrates is an old man, he has young sons and they need him to rear and educate them (pp. 45-46). 3. Socrates' Initial Replies to Crito's Arguments. As we have agreed so far, we must examine whether it is just for
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Ethics - Is Socrates conduct in the Apology...

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