Ethics - Desire Satisfaction Theory

Ethics - Desire Satisfaction Theory - that we should the DS...

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Arguments in favor of the Desire Satisfaction Theory It avoids some of the most serious objections to hedonism – the contented pig objection, false pleasures objection. Simple theory seems to explain a lot. Explains the variety good lives ------------- since you and I want different things . ... We are the ultimate judges authorities about the goodness and badness of our lives. My desires are the standard for the goodness or badness of my life. An Argument for the Ideal/rational desire version of the DStheory from my book Value and the Good Life: Good means desirable What is worthy of desires is what we would desire if were fully informed and reasonable. Therefore, what is good is what we would desire if we were fully informed and rational Objections to the DS Theory Desires that Aren’t informed Pleasant surprises – unexpected good fortune Other regarding desires. Shafer Landau — we Need to revise the theory — He says
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Unformatted text preview: that we should the DS theory to say that: If something has fulfilled our informed, self-regarding desires that thing is good for us. 48 The Disappointment objection p. 49 * S-L this refutes the DS Theory my mini editorial it doesnt refute the theory in these cases one isnt fully informed. Problem for me full info requires superhuman knowledge Desires rational desires to harm punish oneself Self . 51 Objective Values Objection to the DS theory Some things are good or independently pf our desiring them, independently of our taking pleasure pain in them and independently of facts about what we would desire were we fully informed and rational, e.g., moral virtue courage honesty knowledge love Beauty. Question: are these things good because it is rational to desire them, or is it rational to desire them because they are good?...
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Ethics - Desire Satisfaction Theory - that we should the DS...

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