Ethics - utilitarianism

Ethics - utilitarianism - 1. Consequentialism A theory of...

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1. Consequentialism A theory of right and wrong or moral obligation — it says that an action is morally required just because it produces the best results (is optimific) 2. Act-Utilitarianism - an action is morally right if and only if it does more to improve overall wellbeing than any other action you could have done in circumstances. 115 3. “Greatest Good for the Great Number “ — Misleading in 2 ways. 4. The Future Long Term Consequences of our Actions are Unpredictable Actual vs. “Expected” Right wrong depend on the actual consequences of our actions vs. right and wrong depend on the expected (antecedently probable or likely) conequences of our action. [ two distinct versions of consequentialism/actutilitarianisim.] 5. Arguments for Utilitarianism/Consequentialism. impartiality progressive morality explains conventional moral beliefs flexibility — is this a virtue of util??? 6. Objections to Utilitarianism Problems of a determining which acts are best Demanding — it say no acts are supererogatory (above and beyond the call of duty). Utilitarianism/consequentialism is too demanding. It says that we always have to do the very best thing we can - even if it will be contrary to our own self interest. In principle no limit to the sacrifices that one can be required to make. If giving up my life has the best consequences or if giving away most of my $ would have the
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Ethics - utilitarianism - 1. Consequentialism A theory of...

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