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MUS 100: INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC Spring 2011 SECTION 001 (MWF 11:40-12:30 a.m., MCC200) Instructor: Prof. Barton Moreau Office: MCC304 Phone: 426-2647 * Email: Office Hours: TBA on Blackboard under “Staff Information” * Note: Please call for long-term emergencies only, not for single absences. REQUIRED TEXT WITH DVD AND 6 AUDIO CD RECORDINGS: Kerman, Joseph, Listen , 6th Brief Edition, Bedford/St. Martin’s Pub., 2008. Web Site: NOTE: Older editions of the above text may not be used in this course. Brief Course Description: This course will develop your listening ability, historical knowledge, and general appreciation of Western Art Music . The student will be expected to develop some listening skills as we learn about art music, musical composition, and the nature of the creative process. Students are encouraged to develop independent and critical thinking skills , but no previous musical background is necessary and students will not be expected to read musical notation. Assignments: Daily listening to the recorded examples of the music, and applying your readings from the text to, and integrating your class lecture notes into, the music under study are expected. See the Weekly Schedule for chapter reading topics and the Selected Listening List for the required listening. Exams (4 multiple choice): The tests require listening identification of musical examples and written questions (usually in multiple choice format) addressing the stylistic and historical considerations of Western Art Music. The listening selections are taken from the recordings which accompany the text. While we may study quite a few of the recorded examples, you will be responsible for aurally identifying only those taken from the selected listening list. Makeup tests are only given in extreme emergencies and pending consultation and approval of the instructor. Grading: 4 Unit Exams @ 15% each = 60% 4 Online Quizzes @ 5% each = 20% 2 Listening Labs @ 10% each = 20% The final course grade will be calculated by computing each student’s exam average for the four exams, four online quizzes, and two listening labs. Students are expected to keep
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This note was uploaded on 02/13/2011 for the course MUSIC 100 taught by Professor Bartonmoreau during the Spring '11 term at Boise State.

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MUS100_syllabus.sp11 - M US 100 INTRODUCT IO N TO MUSIC...

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