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chap5_case_law - Legal Specialties Last Name Baker Barnes...

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Legal Specialties Last Name First Name City Specialty Gender Date Passed Bar Accepting New Baker Reeva Philadelphia Divorce F 12/15/1985 Yes Barnes Adam Pittsburgh Tax M 5/18/2003 No Bethune Katrina Harrisburg Criminal F 6/15/1992 No Beverley Chris Erie Tax M 4/3/1968 Yes Brown Megan Harrisburg Civil F 1/15/1988 Yes Burgmeier Amy Erie Divorce F 2/1/2004 No Camar Theresa Pittsburgh Divorce F 8/22/1977 Yes Campion George Pittsburgh Civil M 4/12/1968 No Chandler Allison Erie Tax F 6/26/1997 No Collier Kelsey Harrisburg Divorce M 5/2/1981 No Counts Matthew Erie Corporate M 7/1/1977 Yes Deedy Christin Harrisburg Divorce F 7/4/1986 No Diamond Jacqueline Harrisburg Tax F 5/31/1995 No Diaz Katherine Philadelphia Tax F 6/9/2002 Yes Donnelly Anne Harrisburg Tax F 10/30/1991 Yes Dunn Adam Harrisburg Criminal M 8/22/2003 Yes Ershowsky Elvis Pittsburgh Corporate M 6/8/2000 Yes Feld Alana Harrisburg Civil F 5/17/1984 Yes Felsher Alexander Harrisburg Tax M 7/26/2004 Yes Fernandez Lauren Erie Civil F 4/18/1993
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  • Spring '10
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  • RNA, The Land, Pennsylvania, Robert City Philadelphia Pittsburgh Harrisburg Erie Harrisburg Erie Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Erie Harrisburg Erie Harrisburg Harrisburg Philadelphia Harrisburg Harrisburg Pittsburgh Harrisburg Harrisburg Erie Erie Pittsburgh Harrisburg Pittsburgh Harrisburg , Harrisburg Harrisburg Harrisburg, Harrisburg Harrisburg Erie, Erie Harrisburg Harrisburg

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chap5_case_law - Legal Specialties Last Name Baker Barnes...

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