Midterm 2009

Midterm 2009 - f fi tt*/ M ccittniversity u F acultyf E...

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ffi Mccitt university tt*/ Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics CIVE 416 Geotechnical Engineering MIDTERM EXAMIN,A.TION Tuesday, March 10,2009 - l:15 pm to 2:15 pm sruDENr NAME: O NIol- Bc\\A 4. McctLL t.D. NUMBER: Ql *- @34 26c>2lOqRz Time: lhour QL ___--__D 38 INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Hand in all exarnination sheets. 2. Answer 4!l questions. 3. The examination is closed book. No notes or books are permitted. Only the attached crib sheets are allowed. 4. Keep your answels fu19f, preferably in the space provided. Ifyou need additional space, use the reve$e side ofthe page, clearly indicating the question number. 5 . Illustrate our answers with qg4lgkcjghg! whenever possible. 6. Ifdoubt exists as to the inteq)retation ofany question, the student is urged to provide a clear statement ofany assumptro[s made. 7. This examination consists of 7 pages, including the cover page.
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Student Name: McGill ID No. OUESTION NO. 1: [50 MARKS,30 MINUTES] A retaining wall has a vertical drainage blanket as shown in Figure 1. After a heavy lainfall,
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Midterm 2009 - f fi tt*/ M ccittniversity u F acultyf E...

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