Assignment 3 - hints

Assignment 3 - hints - Braph P, vs. B and locate on the...

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Atncmd 3 Ei,ts Refer to Figure 1 below. Please note that the nomenclatilre used for the angles shown in this fiSure differ from that found in your notes. lt is your responsibility to identify the equivalent/corresponding angles between what is described here and what isfound on pege 27 in Chapter3 ofyour course-pack. Figlie 1: Failure wsdge Jor an active lailuto (tiangle ABC) behind lhe lehining wall (left);lotce ldangle from the free-body diagmm describlng tho totces acling on the centp of mass ol fle failufe {odge 1. lJsethe Sine Lawtoderivean exp ression for P, in terms ofallothervariables. Hint:useP,and
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Unformatted text preview: Braph P, vs. B and locate on the curvewhere you think the criticalactive force is, and then find the corresponding angle. Make sure to create yourspreadsheet etficiently so that allcalculations adjust automatiaally for every change in p. Forthe passive case, repeatthese steps using the diagram on th€ following page FinalHintr6 is about one-helfto two-thirds ofO. j lob4t 9 0 + e + 6 - p + 0 p CIW 116: Aeo.echniel Eryiwins t180 - (90 - 8+ 6) - (p + O)1 (b) FIGURE 9.21 C6"lo]rdb's passivc preasuro; (a) 6ial failure wedge; (b) torce polygon r : 1 + s i n d = - " 2 l r r { + d \ ' ? l - s i o d - - \ - 2 / CIYE 416: G.Mhrtral bg,ntinE...
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Assignment 3 - hints - Braph P, vs. B and locate on the...

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