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Final 2007 - i,4cGillUniwlsity Facultyof Ensineerjns...

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i,4cGill Uniwlsity Faculty of Ensineerjns Departmot Of Ciyil Engideeamg ,nd Applied MecbDis Geot€chdcal Engireering crvE.416 SEC 001 FINAL EXAMINATION &tday, April 20, 2007 - 2:00 sm ro 5:00 pm Exaraiffi: IvlA. Meguid Signaturel STUDENT MME: L I.D. NUMEER: INSTRACrIONS: L The ;xsiination is CLOSED BOOK No notes or booh ue Dcrmitted. Oniv th€ attrched tlu€e page crib shcc$ src aUowed. 2. K€ep your aDswers !!ig[, preferably in th€ space povid€d, If )ou rced additional spacq us€ the reveBe sidc ofthc psg€, cleady indicating thc question nuinb€f. 3. nh$Iate your a$wers with lEqllt4gbE whcoevcc possible. ' 4. If doubt exist! as to the interpretation of any qu$lion, lhe studqt i! ursed to provide d cl€ar stat€meBt ofery assumptions mada 5. Ttis oGmination clnsbt! of 10 pages, including thc cov€r p8g€. ALL EXAMINATION SHEETS MUST BE RETURNED Pag€ 1
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Questlon 1 I45 Ininutes, 20 mnrksl A retaining wall hd a wrtical dEtuage blanlet s shoM in Figw 1 The soil is anisotropic wiil k : 4 kv = 104 ds. For the @ndilioD of2D steady{tate se€page v/l iJ ro/51 ldentify and cle€rly 10bel ALL bohdary condirios. UA) t7 *,1"1Dl",w a flo,x net with a mini!1m of five equipot€ntial lircs. Cl€dly lab€l the totd hed for 11 t<1 16 #"tE-* each eqtipotential iine.
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Final 2007 - i,4cGillUniwlsity Facultyof Ensineerjns...

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