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Supplemental Instruction Biology 101 Sessions: MW 5-6 HSS 69 & Office Hours: MW 3:45-4:45 SSC Dr. Weinstein Digestion and Nutrition 1. What is the difference between anatomy and physiology? Anatomy is the study of structure while physiology is the study of function 2. In the body, groups of cells with similar functions are tissues. 3. Groups of different tissues that work together are organs. 4. Two or more organs working together is an organ system. 5. The breakdown of a polymer is a hydrolysis reaction. 6. Match the enzyme with what it breaks down: Lipase - fats carbohydrates Amylase - proteins fats Pepsin - carbs proteins Use the words provided to fill in the blanks. Some words may be used more than once and some not at all. amylase bile salt blood chyme duodenum esophagus ileum jejunum kidney large intestine lungs mastication microvilli monomers mouth pancreas pepsin peristalis pharynx polymers pyloric rectum small intestine sphincter stomach tongue Villi 7. Bile salt is produced in the liver and helps to breakdown lipids. 8. Chyme is the mixture of gastric juices and food. 9. Peristalis is how food gets moved to the stomach. 10. A sphincter separates the stomach from the small intestine. 11. After the duodenum, the next several meters of intestine are the jejunum and the ileum. 12. Overall, digestion starts in the mouth. 13. In the small intestine, nutrient absorption occurs on the villi and microvilli and is released into the blood. 14. Nutrients must be broken down into
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Handout - Digestion and Nutrition - Supplemental...

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