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EEL 4930 Audio Engineering Lecture 5A Homework #4, Due #6 1. Fill in the missing column entries in the table below. * Error in cents, compared to Just scale 2. Instrument builders in medieval times used the “Rule of 18” to determine where the frets on a guitar or other fretted instrument should go. The rule was to place the first fret at 1/18th of the distance from the nut to the bridge, the second fret at 1/18th of the distance from the first fret to the bridge, and so on. Ideally, the note at the twelfth fret should differ from the note of the unfretted string by one octave (frequency ratio = 2:1). By how many cents does the note at the 12 th fret of such a medieval instrument differ from the ideal value? 3. If the note A has a frequency of 220 Hz, what would the frequency be of a note E that is an interval of a fifth above it (a) in the Pythagorean scale? (b) … in the modern tempered scale? (c) … using the Rule of 18? JUST SCALE PYTHAGOREAN
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