Lecture 17A HW_8 Assignment

Lecture 17A HW_8 Assignment - image ¾ ’s the way between...

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EEL 4930 Audio Engineering HW#8, due #18 (Wednesday) #17 Read the Dolby Pro-Logic document linked on the Sakai “weblinks”. Suppose a signal to be encoded using Pro-Logic is panned so that the L and C signals are equal, with no signal sent to the R and S channels. Ideally, after decoding and playback, you’d get an
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Unformatted text preview: image ¾ ’s the way between the right and left speakers (halfway between the center and left speakers). If this signal is decoded using a simple matrix decoder, how much separation will there actually be between the front and rear (surround) channels? Repeat for a centered signal (signal to C only)....
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