Rev2 - M EMO TO FROM S UBJECT ECE 4175 students John...

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MEMO TO: ECE 4175 students March 13, 2009 FROM: John Peatman SUBJECT: Second quiz on Wednesday, March 25 Open book, open notes. th Paul Abbott, Ben Wallingford, and Bren Whitfield will hold a review session in room C340 on the Tuesday after Spring Break from 4:30-6:00 PM. In addition to glancing over the review sheet for the first quiz, review the quizzes and final exams from the last two semesters, available from the piclab website. Remember that the sequencing of topics in the course changes from semester to semester and that is the reason to look at the review sheet associated with each quiz and final exam. Both the 9:00 class and the 10:00 class will again be taking the same quiz. If you take the quiz at 9:00, do not talk about the quiz or otherwise divulge information about the quiz as you leave. If you are in the 10:00 class, do not press the 9:00 students with questions about the quiz. Thanks! I plan to begin each quiz at 3 minutes after the hour (i.e., 9:03 and 10:03) and end at 3 minutes before the hour (i.e., 9:57 and 10:57) unless someone comes to me no later than Monday March 23 to raise an objection. OK? rd 1. Bring a printed copy of the textbook (either the Lulu print-on-demand copy or the free computer center printout). Do not plan on being able to refer to the book on your notebook computer. 2. Be sure to bring your source files for all of the projects. I will assume that you are familiar with the kinds of things that arise on each of the projects as well as Part A of the Design Project. You will need to print out the source files for each of your team, regardless of who has the folder that you turned in. 3.
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Rev2 - M EMO TO FROM S UBJECT ECE 4175 students John...

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