CS4001_12-01-2010 - 12-1-2010 Teach For America...

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Unformatted text preview: 12-1-2010 Teach For America Globalization FHB Visas Exercise: o Do we outsource our call center? For Increased Competition o Better Prices o Better Quality Foreign workers deserve jobs too Creating jobs around the world leads to greater economic stability Against American workers shouldn’t have to compete with foreign workers who don’t receive decent pay/working conditions Foreign workers are also hurt by globalization o US Farm Subsidies Many foreign workers aren’t allowed to unionize o Outsourcing programming jobs? Simulations/Computer Models o Examples Matlab Sim city Flight sims Oregon Trail o What for? Forecasting Temperature Computer Interpreted Visualizing information Population Human interpreted Cost of a new government program Effects of second hand smoke Cost of a tax cut Natural resource management Traffic o How Accurate are they? Variables What affects the variables How far out are they predicting Quality of data Complexity of phenomenon Assumptions How accurate? All models are simplifications “It is the ethical responsibility of computer scientists to describe the limits and assumptions of models. Limitations of Models o Incomplete knowledge of the thing being modeled. o Data sources might be inaccurate or incomplete o Difficult to quantify things that represent human choice and values. Black Box Models o The assumptions are not evident. o The people who control the model have a tremendous amount of power over the decision making process. o ...
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CS4001_12-01-2010 - 12-1-2010 Teach For America...

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