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CS4001_12-07-2010 - Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act o Makes...

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Computer Mistakes cause people real problems o Japan Stock Exchange o Florida Voting Convicted “Felons” were not allowed to vote. They turned out to be guilty of misdemeanors. o Terry Dean Rogan Victim of identity theft. He was continually arrested because the thief was committing crimes in his name. o Quest Phone bill $600 a minute… oops Amazon pricing error o Palm top computer o Price went in as 7pounds instead of 225pounds Ariane 5 o French rocket o Reused some software o Counter overflow caused rocket explosion At&T long distance network, 1/15/90 o All phones went down for a day. o When switches went down, they rebooted and sent out an OK message o This message crashed other switches which rebooted and sent out OK messages Mars Orbiter o English units vs. Metric Units Standish Group Report o 1994 1/3 software projects cancelled ½ time and cost over-runs 1/6 on time and budget o 2004 1/6 cancelled ½ time and cost over-runs 1/3 on time, on budget
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Unformatted text preview: Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act o Makes unfair warranties illegal o Allows people to sue for attorney fees in warranty suits Software warranties o They cannot be held responsible for anything that happens due to the use of the project. o Can these claims be held up in court? o White water cannot avoid being sued for injuries at the park. Court decisions are divided o Morton vs. Timberline Software Bidding software for construction jobs. Morton lost almost 2 million dollars for submitting the wrong big according to a software error. o Cons of companies being help responsible Insurance is expensive. The little guy get hit hard o Pros of companies being held responsible Discussion: Should software companies be held liable? Wiki-Leaks o Bradly Manning Serving in Afganistan on intelligence Walked out of a secure area with a CD full of data labeled Lady Gaga Final Thursday 12/16 8:00am...
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